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It depends on where you go, with whom and what you do. Africa itself is not dangerous and surely it is not more dangerous than other continents. A crucial thing is to relay on a well organized and serious partner, like TransAfrica to which safety is their main concern.

The equipe of TransAfrica is used to travel with children. We would say that to fullhy enjoy a trip, children should be around 8 – 10 years old.

Often there is the temptation to give money to children, seeing them in difficulty, badly dressed, or when they ask openly. But giving them money directly is likely to do more harm than good, because the sum that a Westerner is able to give, often represents more than the child's father earns in a month in one go. And this can create harmful imbalances in relationships.

The ethnic groups with whom you come into contact during the trips proposed by TransAfrica are generally friendly. TransAfrica's long travel experience has created a network of relationships and a basis of cordiality that guarantees travellers "real" and emotionally rich encounters even in the most remote villages.

The traditional festivals proposed by TransAfrica are true, genuine, and not "for tourists". Indeed, this is a "trademark" of TransAfrica: offering travellers the opportunity for a still genuine contact with the daily reality of the ethnic groups that come to meet.

Absolutely. In every country where TransAfrica works is possible to eat cereals, vegetables and fruits. TransAfrica’s cooks are trained to satisfy the wishes of vegetarian people.

It is absolutely not recommended to drink running water. Mineral water from the bottles is available everywhere.

Yes it is and our guides will assist you in changing money. US dollars and Euro are good for changing however, Euro is better than US dollars.

Yes it is and we recommend to take it from home.

There is a 100% connection almost in every place we go. In order to have a good connection it is mandatory to buy a local SIM card, which is easy to buy at the borders, our guides will assist you with that.

In all the countries we will visit, smoking is permitted in public places except in some restaurants. On the other hand, smoking is prohibited on vehicles used on the track.

Credit card is hardly taken by any shop and restaurant.

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